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Manassas, VA   7/25/2011
If you like to try real authentic Greek food, you have to come to Katerina's!!  Great food! Loved every bite!  I recommend the combination platters,
I tried the Taste of Greece and it was excellent!! I will definitively go back to try more dishes.  Very nice and inviting decor added to that great experience!


Manassas, VA   7/28/2011

We've been to Katerina"s twice since they have been open.  It will be a favorite place for us.


Manassas, VA   7/30/2011

Went there tonight for the first time and was very pleased with both the service and the food. Having been to a number of the Greek Islands over the years
I was keen to see how authentic the dishes were and I have to say I was very impressed. The food was fresh and sooo tasty. I will definately be going there
again and am looking forward to tasting many more dishes. A new gem in Manassas old town.


Manassas, VA   8/1/2011

Atmosphere! Aroma! Accomodating! Appealing! Authentic! Afffordable!
All "A's for this charming, emaculate , beautifully decorated Greek Taverna in the heart of Historic Manassas. Fresh,  quality ingredients. Top notch presentation.
George and Katerina will do well! And I may never cook again. Tonight's "Take home" is Pastitsio. yum!


Manassas, VA    8/3/2011

The food, atmosphere and staff are wonderful!!!  We left stuffed!  It will be a shoe in for date night!


Bealeton, VA     8/5/2011
I am so blessed.  I work blocks away and this will be one of my regular places from now on.  Hubby, daughter and I stopped for a late lunch (2pm) and we all
ended up ordering the Taste of Greece - 3 mini pitas with fries.  Num, num, num!  I've had gyros before but these were heads and tails above all previous ones.  
The owner imports his feta and olive oil directly from Greece and talking to him his aim is to provide top notch food at reasonable prices.  At $7.95 for a gyro with
fries, he certainly does that.  Can't wait to go back and try their salads, panini and other items.



Manassas, VA   8/5/2011

Ana Maria and Michael

My wife and I had dinner and we were impressed with everything that matters. Of course, foremost being the quality of the food, also the service was very prompt
and friendly and the atmosphere was warm. We had dolma for starters, of which had lamb in the rice stuffing and were made from scratch, a rare and good thing.
Roast chicken and the gyro platter were our chosen entrees with salad and roasted Greek potatoes of which both were excellent with homemade pita bread. Also,
the tzatziki sauce (also homemade) was the best I have ever have. It is about time that Manassas has a real Greek restaurant serving real Greek food.

We plan on being regulars and hope the community will support this gem.


Manassas, VA   8/7/2011

As a lover of Greek food, I had been anxiously awaiting the opening of Katerina's since March and I can say without hesitation it was well worth the wait!   What a
gem this lovely neighborhood restaurant is -- great food, fresh ingredients (some of which are imported from Greece), cozy, welcoming and very friendly.  For two
hours I felt like I was back in Greece.  I will definitely return - many times I'm sure!  If you're in Old Town Manassas you should absolutely plan to stop by --
Thank you, Katerina, George and Irene for a wonderful dining experience and for giving me a little bit of Greece right here in Manassas


Manassas, VA   8/8/2011

What a wonderful dinner!!  Tonight we had a parade of appetizers!  We started with Saganaki and Tzatziki, then on to the Calamari, Dolmades, and Spanakopita.  
The attention to detail is the secret to excellent food in it's presentation and flavor.  And they do it right here!!  Next time we must remember to save room for dessert!


Woodbridge, VA 8/8/2011

Our family has eaten at Katerinas 5 times now, including one take out meal.  The Katerinas Gyros with the pork is a hands down favorite.  
Also the custard dessert is excellent, creamy, warm and not too sweet. We have also tried the avogolemono soup and my husband says it is great; this dish is his
benchmark for rating a Greek Restaurant.  Only thing we didn't love was the fries; they are the kind with a coating and I like my fries plain.  I think the first time we
ate there the fries were different, but I am not sure.

Please take the time to click on the filtered reviews at the bottom of your screen, there are many great reviews of this restaurant!


Ashburn, VA     8/9/2011
I had the pleasure of dinning here on Monday, the atmosphere and food was great. Having lived in NY I was very familiar with Greek cuisine, but have been unable
to locate a restaurant here in Virginia until now. They are still waiting on their liquor license, they have have only been open for two weeks. Welcome to the community.


Bristow, VA     8/9/2011

My wife and I ate here last Thursday.  It was the best Greek food we've had outside of Greece.  Everything was fresh and delicious. I had the Taste of Greece Platter
which included Moussaka, Pastitsio, and Spanikopita, a small Greek salad and Pita bread.  It was just what I was hoping for.  My wife had the Souvlaki Platter, and
she loved her meal as well.  A friend who's also been told us the Lemon Chicken soup was great too.  The service was friendly and quick, and the atmosphere was
inviting.  We need to keep a place like this around!  I can see us being longtime customers here.  Keep up the great work, Katarinas, see you again soon!


Gainesville, VA 8/12/2011

The best Greek food I've tasted outside of Greece itself.  
It has a nice atmosphere and the staff was very attentive.


Catlett, VA         8/12/2011
Have been here twice since they opened a few weeks ago. EXCELLENT! 

The Gyro (especially Katerina's Gyro) is superb and the pita bread is fantastic. Their in-house made Tzatziki sauce is just right, texture and flavor right on the mark,
whereas many places tend to overpower the subtle flavors with garlic (and I like garlic).

On my return trip, I tried the Tour of Greece, and each signature dish was also excellent. Their Bechamel is of perfect consistency on the Moussaka and Pastitsio
and really makes the dishes. Presentation is also done very well with all the food served.

The desserts are made to order, so they take a little longer but are well worth the wait. Their Greek iced coffee is also excellent!

Service is fast, extremely friendly, and mostly from Greece. Until now there has been a very limited selection of Greek food in Manassas. Ashton Family Restaurant
has been about the only place to get respectable Greek food, and while it's good, if Greek is what I'm craving, Katerina's will be the destination!


Dumfries, VA        8/13/2011

In the less than 3 weeks that this restaurant has been open, I have eaten there 3 times and look forward to many more!  Loving Greek food, I appreciate only the
best and Katerina's delivers.  I've had the gyro, the bifteki and the lamb shank - just fantastic!  The roasted potatoes are incredible and even the bread is a pita that
isn't soft but instead a bit firm with a buttery taste.  Not many Greek restaurants serve Galatoboureko, a dish in phyllo dough with custard served warmed, it takes
all day to prepare, but this restaurant has it and it is a must in finishing your meal.  To make it even better, the people are wonderful!

Manassas, VA      8/15/2011

This is authentic Greek food.  It is some of the best I have had outside Rhodes, Greece.  
The servers are great, friendly and very attentive.  Most of the staff know the menu very well and can make suggestions based on your own criteria.

This place has a touch of Greece in it.






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